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Building a Dominant Canadian Cannabis Retailer

Say Hello To Our Strategy

  • Build a profitable recreational cannabis business with retail locations across Canada.
  • Develop & acquire retail opportunities to meet the anticipated demands of the retail market.
  • Curate an assortment of products and brands catering to the Canadian recreational cannabis consumer.

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Say Hello To Good Company

  1. Aurora invested $7m in June 2018
  2. Aurora invested $20m in November 2018
  3. Included in Horizons Marijuana Life Sciences ETF (TSX: HMMJ)
  4. Added to the CSE25 Index
  5. Documented brand history, inspired by Hawaii's 1970's Choom Gang
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Say Hello To Opportunity

Canadian Beverage, Tobacco and Cannabis Sector

The marijuana industry is expected to be almost 8x the size of medical users by 2021 — the opportunity is in this new Canadian cannabis marketplace.

Estimated marijuana market size*



Dollar industry in 2017



Dollar industry in 2023*

Compared to other recreational industries**










Even big alcohol want in on recreational marijuana



Investment by Constellation Brands into Canopy Growth

Say Hello To Good Places

Choom Retail Stores: Clean, Laid Back, Inviting.

Our Choom Stores have a cool, laid back welcoming feel. We’re opening our doors to everyone- whether you're a seasoned user or coming in for the first time.

We hired the design team responsible for some of the most recognized retail environments around to bring the Choom vibe to life.

Click here for more info about our Choom Niagara store

Retail for the People
Canada Map Choom Retail
Choom Retail Store

British Columbia


Retail opportunities

Choom Retail Store



Retail opportunities

Choom Retail Store



Retail opportunities

Choom Retail Store



Retail opportunities

Choom Retail Store



Retail opportunities

Say Hello to Highlights

  • Cultivating Experience Founded on the Choom principle of cultivating good times with good friends, our retail experience will offer a wide selection of products and accessories to the cannabis consumer.

  • Documented Brand History The Choom brand is inspired by Hawaii’s “Choom Gang” a group of buddies in Honolulu during the 1970’s who loved to smoke weed—or as the locals called it, choom.

  • Adult Use Market Potential Choom is focused exclusively on the recreational cannabis market. Canada legalized adult use cannabis on Oct. 17th, 2018. The market is estimated to be $4.9B to $8.7B, and up to 8x medical consumption.

  • Choom Retail Program Choom is developing a chain of branded cannabis stores in Canadian Provinces where adult use cannabis is legalized for retail. To help curate the Choom experience, we hired the design team responsible for some of the most recognized retail environments in Canada. Say hello to good vibes in our Choom Retail Stores.

Say Hello to Highlights

It began in 1979 with a group of friends on a small hawaiian island, with an even smaller van. This weed loving crew would go on to influence our world, but back then it wasn’t about the future, it was about having good times with good friends.

Plenty has changed since then, but one thing remains the same; they are still sharing adventures, sparking ideas, and cultivating good times.


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